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Whirlpool Starter Care Pack

Whirlpool Starter Care Pack

Pure-Spa Cleaning and Sanitising products for Whirlpools & Air Spa Baths are specially formulated to help keep your whirlpool bath & system clean, fresh and hygienic.

It is essential to regularly clean and sanitise your whirlpool bath in order to minimise the growth of bacteria and to control the build up of bath deposits such as soap & body oils that can accumulate in the pipework.

Contains 3- 4 months supply (based on ave sized bath & depending on usage)

• 1 x Litre Bottle of Whirlpool Cleaner & degreaser
• 2 x Containers of 30 Sanitising Tablets (60 tablets)

Price: 25.53 (Including VAT at 20%)

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