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JIS Heated Radiators

JIS Stainless Steel Towel Radiators

All JIS Sussex range towel rails are made from 100% stainless steel, they are built to exacting standards and are finished by hand to give them their characteristic beautiful shine.
Made from stainless steel towel rails will last a lifetime, they will not rust, corrode or flake, small marks and scratches can be polished out so your towel rail will always look great in the bathroom or kitchen.

Stainless steel is produced from over 90% recycled metal, manufactured environmentally and is 100% recyclable itself.

Dual fuel kits allow you to heat your central heated rail electrically when the heating is turned off. Kits comprise of an electric element and a chrome plated T piece which allows an element and central heating valve to be connected to the same side of the valve. All towel rails have been designed to allow an element to be inserted on the right hand side of the rail.

Electric elements used in the electric and dual fuel rails have a built in thermostat and thermal cut out. In electric only rails the elements are fitted as standard in the right hand side of the rail and capped on the left with a chrome plated plug.

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